In 2001 AHATA founded the AHSF with the strategic assistance of the Aruba Police Department, with the purpose to address safety and security in tourism.

Our mission is to consistently develop facilitate strategic hospitality and security initiatives through sustainable partnerships in the public and private sectors that are designed to keep Aruba safe, secure and environmentally friendly.

The first project was to develop a “Visibility Team” to patrol the hotel area, consisting of members of the police force, civil police officers, and private security officers.

Eventually, the AHSF transitioned from staff support to material support, by purchasing equipment for police mobility and patrolling on land and at sea, such as boats, wave-runners, vehicles and quad-racers. As of 2019, AHSF has placed a renewed emphasis on security training and increased security visibility in the Eagle and Palm Beach areas.

The budget is currently funded by the Aruba Tourism Authority, from accommodation taxes collected from visitors to the island. As security continues to play an important role for tourists choosing a travel destination, safety has stepped up in the ladder in importance. In Aruba, AHSF “marries hospitality + security” to provide tourists, neighbors and citizens with a great place to visit and live.

AHSF Board 2023

  • Dylan Molina – Chairperson (AHATA) 
  • Carlos Tapias – Treasurer (AHATA)
  • Michelle de Groot – Secretary (ATIA)
  • Ramon Arnhem – Justice (KPA)
  • Patrick Melchiors – Director (ATA)
  • Pedro Vargas – Director (ATSA)
  • Sue Ann Lin - (AHATA)

The AHATA Environmental Committee has been active for approximately twenty years. The committee consists of volunteers from member companies, including hotels and the goal is to create as much awareness as possible in the 4 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose, among the hotels, government and the public in general.

AHATA Environmental Committee 2023

  • Vanessa Rasmussen (AHATA)
  • Laura Molina (AHATA)
  • Ryan Bareño  (Marriott's Aruba Surf Club)
  • Daniel Aguirre (La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino)
  • Aurelia Croes (Barceló Aruba)
  • John Wardlaw (Tropical Bottling)
  • Miriam Stuurman (De Palm Tours/Palm Island)
  • Andrew Rasmijn (Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club & Surf Club)
  • Erica Jaramillo (Barceló Aruba)
  • Cresi Biemans (Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort)
  • Dagmara Avanindra (Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort)

The AHATA Casino Committee represents the casino members in advocacy efforts.

Casino members are:

  • The Casino @ Ritz Carlton - Axl Ismail
  • The Casino @ Hilton - Marc Charley
  • Wind Creek Crystal Casino - Jose (Glenn) Wever
  • Wind Creek Seaport Casino - Queta Werleman
  • Stellaris Casino - Ben Figaroa
  • Glitz Casino - Maarten Jan van Romondt
  • The Casino @ Hyatt - Ricky Tromp
  • Liv Casino - Marc Charley
  • Alhambra Casino - Johannes J. M. ten Howe
  • Orchid Casino - Urban (Lino) Croes